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  • Tuscan Pizza Crust Menu Prices

    We’re an independent pizza shop located At 2021 Bailey Ave. Buffalo, NY 14211. We are proud to be the favorite for locals to meet friends for Appetizer or call for a fresh pizza, delivered straight to their home. We serve many flavors of homemade and hand crust pizza oven turns out New York-style pies every…

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  • Hawk’s Bar & Grill Menu Prices

    Relaxed watering hole that draws students & sports fans for burgers, specials & a huge beer menu.   4.2 – 416 reviews  $ • Bar & grill Photo Gallery Menu Main Menu Appetizers Artichoke Dipa rich blend of artichoke hearts, spinach, parmesan cheese and spices. served with french bread, broccoli, cauli!ower, and carrots. $7.95 Mozzarella Sticksdeep fried…

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  • Lafayette Public House Menu Prices

    Contemporary coffee stop & cafe with American pastries, sandwiches beer & wine, plus free Wi-Fi.   4.5 – 293 reviews  $$ • Coffee shop Photo Gallery Menu Local Favorites Minted Iced Cold Brew Coconut Orange Ice Latte Seasonal Offerings Teas Matcha Or Chai HotBlack, green, oolong, herbal $3.25 IcedBlack,green,herbal $3.25 SweetPineapple mango, peach green berry hibiscus $4.00…

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  • Taco Casa Vicksburg Menu Prices

    Branch of a Texas-based chain serving casual Mexican fare such as tacos, burritos & nachos.   3.9 – 393 reviews  $ • Mexican restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Taco Casa (Pemberton Square Boulevard) menu All Day – Fiesta Platters Taco And Enchilada PlatterEnchilada, topped with cheese and salsa, refried beans, lettuce and tomato salad, served with a crispy…

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  • Cinder’s Charcoal Grill Menu Prices

      4.2 – 625 reviews  $$ • Restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Cinder’s Charcoal Grill – Wisconsin Ave No Silverware No Silverware RequiredAdd this item to your cart and the restaurant will exclude silverware with your order. $0.00 Shareable Starters HaystackersServed with southwest sauce. $9.99 Stuffed Potato SkinsLoaded with shredded cheddar cheese, bacon, green onions and served with…

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  • Table 97 Menu Prices

      4.3 – 295 reviews   • Bar & grill Photo Gallery Menu Menu Appetizers Pretzel Sticksbeer cheese $8.00 Skirt Steak Egg Rollsthree per order / honey-ginger sauce $12.00 Vegetable Egg Rollsthree per order / honey-ginger sauce $7.00 Hummusroasted pepper hummus / pita chips $9.00 Crispy Brussels Sproutssriracha-buffalo sauce / toasted sesame seeds / scallions $9.00 TBL/97…

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  • Lotus Xpress Menu Prices

      4.3 – 863 reviews  $ • Chinese restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Menu Main Meals Pepper Steak $5.35 Pineapple Chicken $5.35 A La Carte Sweet Sour Chicken $4.60 Moo Goo Gai Pan $4.90 Side Items Hot Sour Soup $1.60 Crab Rangoon $1.99 Soft Drinks Coca-Cola $1.49 Fanta $1.49 Boba Drinks Strawberry $2.99 Pina Colada $2.99 … View…

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  • Yumi Asian (on APB) Menu Prices

      4.5 – 155 reviews   • Chinese restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Menu Appetizer Egg Rolls (2)Veggies and ground pork wrapped in wheat wrap $4.00 Spring Rolls (3)(Gluten Free)Veggies wrapped in rice wrap and fried $3.50 Chicken Wings (6) $7.95 Hot Wings (6) $7.95 Chicken Strips (6) $7.95 Pot Stickers (8)Fried pork dumplings with house dumpling sauce…

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  • The Wolf’s Tailor Menu Prices

      4.7 – 465 reviews   • Restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Small PickleBlack garlic fennel, nuka cucumber, red onion $6.00 CrudoHiramasa, persimmon, shallot, pink peppercorn $16.00 Piada BreadMushroom, grana padano, crispy garlic $14.00 SaladHead lettuce, watercress, sprouts, winter citrus, walnut $14.00 RadishSunchoke, radish green pesto, hazelnut $8.00 ChawanmushiEgg, chicken, mushroom, dashi $10.00 Sticks BeefTallow, scallion $9.00 Steelhead…

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  • Hunt’s Brothers Pizza Menu Prices

    Convenience store-based pizza chain doling out create-your-own pies along with wings.   4.3 – 11 reviews  $ • Pizza restaurant Menu Menu Pizza HUNT”S BROTHER PIZZAGet any [two topic] pizza just $6.99 only $6.99 cheese pizza $5.99 HOT WINGS 5 piece or Mild wings $2.79 WINGBITES HOT OR MILD 8 PIECE $2.99 DOUBLE ORDER WINGSBITE $5.49 ……

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  • Richard Walker’s Pancake House Menu Prices

    Casual spot famous for its hefty portions of pancakes, baked omelets & crêpes in a basic setting. Since 1948, the Walker family name has become synonymous with quality family dining. The family has since perfected its reputation for outstanding gourmet pancakes and breakfasts. Our story begins when Victor and Everett Walker began opening snack shops…

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  • Cafe La Scala Menu Prices

    Bright trattoria with a patio, set in the Italian Community Center, serves pizza, burgers & pastas.   4.3 – 24 reviews  $$ • Italian restaurant Menu Main Menu Appetizers Fried Calamariwith marinara sauce $8.95 Fried Eggplant Stripswith marinara sauce $7.95 Caprese Fresh Mozzarellawith tomato and aged balsamic vinegar and kalamata olives $8.95 Antipasto Platter $8.95 Mozzarella Marinara,…

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