Greek Town Grill Menu Prices

Laid-back outpost serving pizza, subs, gyros, souvlaki & other Greek & American dishes. Welcome To Greek Town Grill It is great pleasure to us that we introduce our Authentic Greek and Indian restaurant to you offering diners lunch a wonderful array of high-quality, mouthwatering traditional Greek, American, Nepali, and Indian dishes, cooked to order using … Read more

Mediterranean Halal Food Menu Prices

  4.6 – 398 reviews  $$ • Food court Photo Gallery Menu Menu – Mains Chicken Wrap $9.00 Lamb Wrap $9.00 Mixed WrapChicken & Lamb $9.00 Chicken Salad $10.00 Lamb Salad $10.00 Mixed Over SaladChicken & Lamb $10.00 Chicken Over RiceHalal. Made with the best basmati rice, fresh salad, grilled chicken, famous N Y gyro sauce, hot … Read more

Jumbo Seafood Chinese Restaurant Menu Prices

Sleek, modern Chinese restaurant whose broad menu highlights fish & sushi with full bar service.   4.3 – 377 reviews  $$ • Chinese restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Main Menu Appetizers Sesame Seaweed Salad $5.25 Imitation Crabmeat Salad with Cucumber $6.95 Seared Garlic Pepper Tuna $12.95 Seafood SaladTuna, salmon, white tuna, lettuces $6.95 Asparagus SaladAsparagus with spicy mayonnaise … Read more

Germano’s Piattini Menu Prices

Italian small plates, beers & wine in a tavern-style digs, with dinner shows in an upstairs cabaret.   4.4 – 306 reviews  $$ • Italian restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Menu – Most Popular CheesecakeHouse-made cheesecake (a favorite) $10.00 LasagnaHouse-made pasta, meat sauce, mozzarella, fresh basil, Grana Padano $18.00 Caesar SaladWhole-leaf Romaine, house-made Caesar dressing, garlic breadcrumbs, lemon, … Read more

Good Day Chinese Food Carry Menu Prices

  4.2 – 121 reviews  $ • Takeout Restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Menu Soups and Salads Caesar SaladShaved Parmesan, house-made croutons, anchovies, house-made dressing. $12.00 Minestrone SoupFresh vegetables, herbs, pasta. $9.00 Small Plates Truffle Fries PlateFresh herbs, Parmesan, sriracha ketchup. $10.00 Wurst PlateAssorted sausage, mustards, apricot compote, pickled onions, red cabbage. $12.00 Falafel PlateHummus, olive tapenade, tzatziki … Read more

The Elephant Menu

American fare in a sophisticated, bi-level space featuring white tablecloths & a marble fireplace.   4.3 – 222 reviews  $$$ • American restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Items White Acorn Squash Soup Ahi Poke Artichoke Salad Chicken Liver Mousse Spaghetti Verde Duck Confit Manicotti Vegetable Fried Rice Seared Rockfish Braised Beef Short Rib Barcelona Seafood Stew … View … Read more

Hot Tomatoes Menu Prices

Pizza joint specializing in thin-crust pies & oversized slices in a no-frills storefront.   4.0 – 69 reviews  $ • Pizza restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Hot Tomatoes menu All Day – Hot Sub Steak (8″)100% grilled beef steak, no cheese. $9.99 Steak (12″)100% grilled beef steak, no cheese. $12.99 Cheesesteak (8″)100% grilled beef steak, provolone cheese. $9.99 … Read more

Hull Street Blues Cafe Menu Prices

Nautical-themed locals’ bar & seafood mainstay with white tablecloths & a fireplace.   4.5 – 281 reviews  $$ • Restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Main Menu Daily Specials Combo DealChoose Between 2 Cheesesteaks, 2 Chicken Sandwiches, or 1 of Each. Served with a Large Order of Onion Rings, Large Order of French Fries, 10 Fried Wings, Celery, and … Read more

Seafood Legend Express Menu Prices

  3.3 – 18 reviews  $$ • Chinese restaurant Menu Seafood Legend menu All Day – PO’BOY (SANDWICH SPECIAL) CRAB BALL PO’BOY $17.99 LOBSTER TAIL PO’BOY $20.99 SHRIMP PO’BOY $13.99 SOFT SHELL CRAB PO’BOY $18.99 CRAB CAKE PO’BOY $20.99 CHICKEN PO’BOY $11.99 WHITING FISH PO’BOY $12.99 All Day – WINGS SPECIAL 20 PCS WINGS $29.99 30 PCS … Read more

Patro’s Pizza Menu Prices

  4.0 – 81 reviews  $$ • Pizza restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Patro’s Pizza menu All Day – Desserts Cheesecake $3.99 Lemon Pie $3.99 Apple Pie $3.99 German Chocolate Cake $4.49 Carrot Cake $4.49 Sweet Potato Pie $3.99 Red Velvet Cake $3.99 Strawberry Cheese Cake $3.99 Chocolate Cake $3.99 All Day – 12” Pizzas Patro’s Tomato & … Read more