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Fairwood Cafe highlights the flavors of Hong Kong cuisines with the classics of Wonton Noodle Soups, Chow Fun, rice plates, and many more. As well as the popular dishes of Hainan Chicken, Chasu Pork, and our famous house made milk tea that is irresistible.

  4.1 – 170 reviews  $ • Hong Kong style fast food restaurant

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Spring Roll $5.50
Pan Fried Pot Stickers(5) $6.25
Salt & Pepper Tofu $6.25
French Fries $4.95
Curry Fish Balls(8) $6.95
Fried Chicken Wings And French $8.95
Honey Mustand Chicken Wings(6) $7.95
Fried Fish Filet And French Fries $7.95
Salt & Pepper Calamari $7.95
Pan Fried Rice Sheet Roll $7.50
Chinese Doughnut $4.00
Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings(6) $7.95
Fried Silver Roll $6.25
Mixed Fruit Salad $7.20
Ham Salad $8.50
Prawn Salad $9.20
Shredded Chicken Salad $8.50
Russian Borsh Soup $6.75
Clam Chowder $6.75
West Lake Beef Soup $9.20
Seafood Tofu Soup $10.20
Chicken W/Cream Corn Soup $9.20
Hot & Sour Soup $9.20
Crab Meat W/Cream Corn Soup $8.75
Pastry Baked Seafood Soup $9.20
Ham Omelet $9.45
Tomato Shredded Chicken Omelet $9.20
Mushroom W/Sausage Omelet $9.45
Seafood Omelet $10.00
Spaghetti/ Udon
Fresh Tomato Beef Spaghetti. $14.95
Fresh Tomato Rock Cod Spaghetti. $14.95
Ham & Shredded Chicken Braised Spaghetti W/Corn Sauce $13.95
Chicken Spaghetti W/Black Pepper Sauce $14.95
Sizzling Teppern Style Seafood Spaghetti $14.50
Sizzling Teppen Style Black Pepper Beef Spaghetti $14.95
Curry (Rice/Spaghetti).
Curry Chicken $12.50
Curry Beef $12.95
Curry Beef Brisket $12.95
Curry Fillet Fish $12.95
Curry Prawns $12.95
Curry Seafood $12.95
Curry Pork $12.95
Curry Vegetable $11.95
Baked Rice/Spaghetti
Baked No.1 Pork Chop $14.00
Baked Fish W/Cheese $14.00
Baked Seafood In White Sauce. $14.00
Baked Shredded Chicken W/Ham $13.45
Portuguese Style Baked Chicken $13.45
Baked Meat Sacue & Cheese $13.45
Baked Chicken Steak $14.00
Baked Corn & Meat $13.45
Baked Ox Tongue $14.00
Baked Beef Stew $15.45
Baked Cheese Salmon Rice $15.00
Baked Scallop & Prawn Rice $15.50
Baked Chicken & Pork Chop In Red White Sauce Rice $15.95
Sizzling Plate Sets
Steak W/Black Pepper Sauce $18.70
Grilled Black Pepper Chicken Steak. $16.70
Mixed Grill Steak $17.70
Grilled Pork Chop W/Grilled Onions $16.70
Lamb Rack $17.70
Ox Tail W/Red Wine Sauce $20.70
Chicken Porridge $8.75
Fish Porridge $8.75
Beef Porridge $8.75
Pork & Preserved Egg Porridge $8.75
Seafood Porridge $9.20
Pork Organs Porridge $8.75
Porridge $3.25
Chow Fun/Mein
House Special Pan-Fried Noodles $16.45
Singapore Style Chow Fun $15.00
Singapore Style Rice Noodle $15.00
Shanghai Shredded Pork Noodle $14.45
Beef Chow Fun Dry Styel $15.00
Amoy Style Rice Noodle $14.45
Vegetable Beef Chow Fun $15.00
Bean Sprout Soy Sauce Chow Mein $14.45
Stir Fried Chow Fun W/Shrimp & Scramble Egg $15.45
Braised Yee Mein $15.45
Chicken W/Black Bean Sauce Chow Fun $15.45
Beef Pan Freid Noodle $15.00
Beef Or Chicken Chow Mein. $14.45
Xo Sauce Seafood Chow Fun $15.45
Beef W/Tomato Pan Fried Noodle $15.00
Shrimps Chow Mein $15.00
Thai Style Rice Noodles. $15.00
Shrimp Pan Fried Noodles $15.00
Scram Bled Egg Beef Chow Fun $15.45
Salty Fish Chicken Fried Two Kind Or Vermicell $17.45
Freid Rice
Seafood Fried Rice. $14.00
House Special Fried Rice $14.00
Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice $14.00
Salty Fish,Chicken Fried Rice $14.00
Beef Fried Rice $13.45
Chicken Fried Rice $13.45
Yang Chow Fried Rice $13.75
Western Fried Rice $13.45
Ham & Egg Fried Rice $13.45
Steam Rice $2.50
Club Macaroni $10.95
Russian Borsh Beef Stew Macaroni $9.95
Satay Beef $9.95
(Macaroni Soup/Ramen Udon) Fried Chicken Wing(4) $9.95
(Macaroni Soup/Ramen Udon)Ham & Egg $9.50
(Macaroni Soup/Ramen Udon)Seafood (Ramen/Macaroni Soup) $10.90
Chicken $9.50
(Macaroni Soup/Ramen Udon)Beef (Ramen/Macaroni Soup) $9.95
Beef Stewed Noodle Soup $9.95
Wonton Noodle Soup $9.95
Wonton Soup
Shanghai Shredded Pork Noodle Soup $10.25
Combination Noodle Soup $10.95
Pig Hand Egg Noodle $12.95
H1 Club Sandwich $8.70
H2 Corned Beef Egg Sandwich $8.70
H3 Ham Egg Sandwich $7.70
H4 Lunchend Meat & Egg Sandwich $7.70
H5 Blt Sandwich $7.70
H6 Grillet Cheese & Ham Sandwich $7.70
H7 French Toast $7.25
H8 Condensed Milk Peamunt Botter Toast $5.70
H9 Butter & Jam Toast $5.70
Sweet Crepes:
Strawberry And Choice Of Sauce $4.59
Strawberry, Banana, And Choice Of Sauce $5.59
Strawberry, Mango, And Choice Of Sauce $5.59
Mango And Choice Of Sauce $4.59
Mango, Pineapple, And Choice Of Sauce $5.59
Mango,Kwi, And Choice Of Sauce $5.59
Avocado And Choice Of Sauce $4.59
Avocado, Kiwi, And Choice Of Sauce $5.59
Avocado Ham, And Cream Cheese $5.59
Avocado,Chicken, And Cream Cheese $5.59
Lettuce, Tomato, And Cheese $5.59
Prawn & Scallops
Hot Drinks
Hong Kong Style Milk Tea $2.50
Hong Kong Style Coffee $2.50
Hong Kong Style Milk Tea & Coffee $2.50
Lemon Tea $2.50
Lemon With Honey $2.75
Lemon Coke $3.20
Ovaltine $2.50
Horlick $2.75
Chocolate $2.50
Citron Honey Concentrate $2.75
Ginger Honey Concentrate $2.75
Cold Drinks
Coke With Ice Cream $3.20
Sprite With Ice Cream $3.20
Red Bean Ice $3.75
Red Bean Ice With Ice Cream $4.50
Red Bean With Grass Jelly Ice $4.50
Red Bean With Mixed Fruit Ice $4.50
Grass Jelly Ice $3.75
Lychee Ice $3.75
Longan Ice $3.75
Pineapple Ice $3.75
Mixed Fruit Ice $3.75
Watermelon Juice $3.75
Pineapple Ice Shake $3.75
Pineapple Milk Shake $3.75
Mangoes Ice Milk Shake $3.75
Strawberry Ice Shake $3.75
Strawberry Milk Shake $3.75
Lemon Ribena $4.50
Jelly Ice $3.75
Orange Juice $3.50
Apple Juice $2.75
Milk $2.75
Soft Drinks $1.75
Rice Plate
Cutlet Chicken Steak Over Rice $12.50
Cutlet Pork Chop Over Rice $12.50
Rock Cod Cutlet Over Rice $13.50
Vegatable & Rock Cod Over Rice $12.50
Fish Fillet With Corn Sauce Over Rice $12.50
Ruissan Beef Over Rice $12.50
String Bean W/Chicken Over Rice $11.95
Shredded Chicken Over Rice W/Corn Sauce $11.95
Chicken & Mushroom Over Rice $11.95
Beef Tomato Over Rice $11.95
Stir Fried Shrimp & Scrambled Egg Over Rice $12.50
Black Pepper Beef Steak Rice Plate $12.50
Beef W/Preserved Vegetable Rice Plate $11.95
Beef W/C Broccoli Rice Plate $11.95
Beef W/Ginger & Green Onion Rice Plate $11.95
Mongolian Beef Rice Plate $11.95
Beef W/Stirng Bean Rice Plate $11.95
Beef & Scrambled Egg Over Rice $12.95
Squids W/Preserved Vegetable Rice Plate $11.95
Chiceken W/ Broccoli Rice Plate $12.50
Chicken W/Double Mushroom Rice Plate $11.95
Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice Plate $12.50
Bok Choy W/Rock Cod Rice Plate $11.95
Sweet & Sour Pork Rice Plate $11.95
Beef Stew Clay Rice Plate $11.95
Beef W/Bitter Melon Rice Plate $12.45
Beef W/Egg Plant & Dry Tofu Rice $11.95
Tomato Chicken W/Egg Rice $14.95
Salmon & Dry Tofu W/Ginger & Scallion Sauce Rice $13.00
Chicken & Celery W/Tofu Skik Rice $13.00
Beef & Celery W/Tofu Skik Rice $13.00
Shrimp & Egg W/Chive Rice $15.00
Bbq Pork & Egg W/Chive Rice $14.00
Pig Hand Rice $12.45
Special Afternoon Tea
2:30-5:30 special time 9:00-12:00
Double Ball Noodle Soup
Includes tea or coffee
Shredded Pork Preserved Vegetable W/Noodle Soup
Includes tea or coffee
Pork Chop Cutlet Noodle Soup
Includes tea or coffee
Ham Macaroni Soup
Includes tea or coffee
Luncheon Meat & Egg Ramen Noodle Soup
Includes tea or coffee
Fried Chicken Wings W/French Fries
Includes tea or coffee
Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings
Includes tea or coffee
French Toast
Includes tea or coffee
Ham & Egg Sandwich
Includes tea or coffee
X.o. Sauce Pan Fried Rice Roll
Includes tea or coffee
Beef Stewed With Rice Roll
Includes tea or coffee
Fried Chicken Legs Salad
Includes tea or coffee
Baked Black Pepper Chicken Rice
Includes tea or coffee
Porridge With Preserved Egg And Minced Pork
Includes tea or coffee
Pig Intestine Combination Porridge
Includes tea or coffee
Baked Pork Chop W/Rice
Includes tea or coffee
Baked Ox-Tongue W/Rice
Includes tea or coffee
Baked Spaghetti Bolognaise
Includes tea or coffee
Baked Sweet Corn & Chicken W/Rice
Includes tea or coffee
Salted & Pepper Squid
Includes tea or coffee
Fish Ball Pigs Skin And Turnip Curry Sauce
Includes tea or coffee
Fried Fish W/French Fries
Includes tea or coffee
Baked Pineapple Luncheon Meat Rice
Includes tea or coffee
Original Steam Fried Rice Roll
Includes tea or coffee
Spare Rid With Rice Roll
Includes tea or coffee

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Contact Fairwood Cafe

Address: 35204 Newark Blvd, Newark, CA 94560

Phone: (510) 793-8838

Website: http://instagram.com/FairwoodCafe


Wednesday 9AM–12AM
Thursday 9AM–12AM
Friday 9AM–12AM
Saturday 9AM–12AM
Sunday 9AM–12AM
Monday 9AM–12AM
Tuesday 9AM–12AM

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