Sushi Chef Japanese Restaurant & Market Menu Prices

Cafe with extensive classics menu of exotic items, bento boxes & veggie sushi, plus onsite market. Chef Enomoto and his family travel to South Florida from Venezuela where he opened Venezuela’s 1st Japanese restaurants and in 1991 establishes Sushi Chef Japanese Restaurant where in the be­ginning was a Japanese market and a few tables for … Read more

La Cubanita Pizzeria Menu Prices

  4.1 – 251 reviews  $$ • Pizza restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Menu – Appetizers Pan De AjoGarlic bread topped with butter 4 per order $3.25 Salsa Roja $0.50 Menu – Creams Crema De QuesoCreamy cheese soup. $6.50 Crema AuroraCreamy cheese soup with tomato sauce. $6.75 Crema VirginiaCreamy cheese soup with chopped ham. $7.00 Menu – Sandwiches … Read more

Via Emilia 9 Menu Prices

Italian eatery serving housemade pasta & wine in charming digs with an outdoor deck & food market.   4.3 – 523 reviews  $$ • Italian restaurant Photo Gallery Menu LUNCH & DINNER – Antipasti di Carne Affettati E Formaggi Con Gnocco Fritto $34.00 Bresaola Rucola E Parmigiano $21.00 Culatello $30.00 Polpette Pancetta E Piselli $19.00 Prosciutto E … Read more

Gables Cafe Menu Prices

  4.6 – 117 reviews  $ • Cuban restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Gables Cafe menu All Day – Delicious Duos Sandwich & Soup $11.00 Sandwich & Salad $14.74 All Day – Gables Burgers Cheeseburger/ChickenFavorite. Beef burger or chicken breast, cheese, lettuce. Tomatoes onions, pickles, and mayo. $7.99 Bacon CheeseburgerBeef burger, cheese, bacon, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and … Read more


  4.5 – 8 reviews   • Pizza restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Menu Familiar Pizzas Familiar Vegetables Pizza $16.99 Familiar Queso Pizza $12.99 Personal Pizzas Personal Hawaiian Pizza $6.99 Personal Queso Pizza $4.99 Spaghetti Spaghetti de Queso $7.00 Spaghetti de Jamon $8.00 Spaghetti de Chorizo $8.00 Pan de Ajo Pan de Ajo $4.00 Bebidas 2 Litter Coca-Cola … Read more

Marion Miami Menu Prices

Hip, stylish eatery for New American & Asian-inspired fare, with weekly dinner parties & DJ music. It’s all about the steady build-up at this chic and sexy adult playground in the heart of Brickell. As one of Mr. Hospitality’s beloved destinations, Marion welcomes guests into its upbeat, upscale setting for a fine-dining experience that doubles … Read more

Off The Mile Restaurant Menu Prices

  4.6 – 77 reviews   • Restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Main Menu Entrees Chicken BreastGrilled and lightly seasoned, sauteed onions $11.95 Chicken ChampignonMushroom sauce, cheese $12.95 Tropical ChickenHomemade Mango sauce $12.95 Chicken Vaca FritaShredded chicken, sauteed onions $12.95 Steak PalomillaGrilled and lightly seasoned, sauteed onions $12.95 Tropical PalomillaGrilled and lightly seasoned, Guacamole, American cheese $14.25 ChurrascoGrilled … Read more