Page Plaza Diner Menu Prices

American standards & breakfast served from morning to night in a comfy diner with counter seating.   4.3 – 776 reviews  $$ • Diner Photo Gallery Menu Menu Breakfast Eggs 1 EggAny style. Choose an egg preparation: Scrambled Eggs, Fried Eggs, Over East Eggs, Sunny Side Up Eggs, Egg Whites +$1. $5.45 1 Egg with HamAny style. … Read more

Mexican Tamales Martita Menu Prices

  4.2 – 121 reviews   • Mexican restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Menu Desayunos Huevos con JamonScramble eggs with ham $7.50 Huevos con SalchichaScramble eggs with frankfurter $7.50 Breakfast Sandwich en Roll 2 Huevos2 eggs only $2.50 Tocino, Huevo y QuesoBacon, eggs, and cheese $4.00 Tacos Bistec TacoSteak $9.00 Pollo TacoChicken $9.00 Sopes, Tlacoyos y Uuesroillrs SpopesOrder … Read more

Campo Bello Menu Prices

Family-owned, seat-yourself bar/eatery with down-home Dominican bites for breakfast, lunch & dinner.   4.1 – 800 reviews  $$ • Dominican restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Menu Jugos y Batidas Morir SonadoOrange juice with milk mixed $4.95 Jugo de NaranjaFresh squeezed orange juice $4.50 Sopas Sopa de PolloChicken soup $3.25 SanchochSpanish vegetable soup $4.50 Sandwiches Bistec EncebolladoSteak with onions … Read more

Lorenzo’s Restaurant & Cabaret Menu

Upscale Italian fare at Hilton with Friday & Saturday live music, plus Sunday jazz brunch.   4.3 – 360 reviews  $$ • Italian restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Items Escarole Beans Filet Of Sole Oreganata Grilled Hanger Steak Cheese Ravioli … View more Menu Photos Order and Reservations Reservations: Contact Lorenzo’s Restaurant & Cabaret Address: 1100 South … Read more

Yi Sushi Go! Menu Prices

  4.7 – 356 reviews  $$ • Sushi restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Menu Appetizers Pork & Chicken DumplingsChoose a style: Fry, Steam $4.50 Sushi Regular California Roll $4.50 Salmon & Avocado Roll $4.99 Vegetable Rolls Avocado & Cucumber Roll $3.99 Sushi Special Rolls Chicken Tempura RollCrab, avocado, cucumber, and chicken tempura. Topped with fish eegs and eel … Read more

Staten Island Slice Menu Prices

  4.6 – 41 reviews  $ • Pizza restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Top Menu items SodaSoda $1.50 Cheese PizzaClassic cheese or create your own pizza. $20.00 Garlic KnotsBread, topped with garlic & olive oil or butter, herb seasoning, baked to perfection. Melts in your mouth and arouses the taste buds. $4.00 Buffalo Chicken PizzaBuffalo chicken & mozzarella … Read more

Deluca’s Italian Restaurant Menu Prices

  4.5 – 529 reviews  $$ • Italian restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Antipasti Famous Mamma’s MeatballsPan-fried meatballs in tomato sauce served with ricotta cheese. $18.00 BurratinaButtermilk mozzarella served with asparagus, parmigiano reggiano, & balsamic glaze. $16.00 Vongole OreganataLittleneck clams served oreganata style. $17.00 Calamari FrittiFried squid served with marinara sauce. $19.00 Polpo Alla GrigliaGrilled spanish octopus served … Read more

Yummy Taco House Menu Prices

  2.8 – 9 reviews   • Mexican restaurant Menu Menu Appetizers Apple Sticks $3.99 Onion Ring $3.39 Soup Tex-Mex Chili Soup with Melted Cheese $4.29 Chicken and Vegetable Soup $3.69 Soup Tex-Mex Chili Soup with Melted Cheese $4.29 Chicken and Vegetable Soup $3.69 Tostada Salads Black Bean Tostada Salad $6.49 Chicken Tostada SaladGrilled chicken. $7.49 Garden … Read more

Good Eats Grill Deli Menu Prices

  4.3 – 10 reviews  $$ • Soul food restaurant Menu Good Eats Grill menu All Day – Seafood Seafood PlatterComes with jerk fried shrimp, southern fried shrimp, southern fried lobster tail, and 2 sides. $34.00 Southern Fried Lobster TailServed with mac and 4 cheese and red velvet cornbread. $24.00 Jerk Fried ShrimpServed with 2 sides. $23.00 … Read more