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Chinese tea shop and lounge. We provide a wide range of personally sourced and imported Chinese loose leaf teas.
Customers can be educated about the health benefits, history, and processing methods of the various teas we carry. Our lounge offers fresh, hand-made bites by local artisans to compliment the tea.

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Jasmine Pearl
The first and second youngest leaves scented with jasmine and rolled into a beautiful pearl.
Silver Needle
Young tea buds from Anhui with an aroma reminiscent of white peach.
Jasmine Silver Needle
An amazingly rich and silky jasmine white tea made from premium Anhui tea buds.
Jade Spring
A famous Chinese green tea divided into three grades: nutty, fruity, and jasmine scented.
Pan roasted green tea from Hangzhou that carries a signature rich, toasted, and nutty aroma.
Sparrow’s Tongue
A very bright green tea from Sichuan with the aroma of fresh spring growth.
Iron Goddess
An Extremely fresh, green oolong from Fujian with a natural floral aroma or gardenia and orchid blossoms.
Milk Oolong
Green Formosa oolong with an incredibly creamy texture and a rich, buttery aroma.
Tung Ting
The original high mountain oolong of Taiwan. Medium roasted, full bodied, and bold flavored.
Blue People Ginseng Oolong
High mountain Formosa oolong coated in ground ginseng root. Great for energy and circulation.
Black Pearl Aged Oolong
Heavily oxidized, strongly roasted, and aged four years. This a rich, malty oolong with a clean and smooth body.
Phoenix Oolong
A heavily oxidized oolong from Phoenix Mountain in northern Guangdong with orange blossom fragrance.
Red Robe
A heavily roasted oolong with strong charcoal-sweet aroma and deep mineral and muscatel fruit notes.
A famous golden-tipped black tea from Anhui with notes of cedar, sandalwood, and lemon.
Golden Horse
A Fukienese black tea made from spring-plucked shoots full of sweet, malty, and floral flavor.
Imperial Yellow
Golden tea buds from Yunnan with a rich honey flavor and an incredibly smooth tongue.
Mandarin Puerh
Mellow puerh tea aged inside of a mandarin orange rind bursting with citrus flavor and aroma.
Sticky Rice Puerh
Tuocha puerh with a rich, creamy body and strong sticky rice aroma.
Royal Puerh
15yr aged puerh that produces a dark and heavy liquor with robust flavor and aroma.
30yr Puerh Cake
Cave-aged puerh from the 80’s with an incredibly distinctive aroma and clear-tasting liquor.
Siberian Rose
Fresh rose buds complete with hip and stem.
Snow Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum flowers from western China with rich citrus and herbal flavor.
Dandelion Root
Beautifully roasted dandelion root with an aroma reminiscent of peanut butter cookies.
Gynostemma (Jiaogulan)
An incredibly adaptogenic herb with sweet flavor notes of cucumber and stevia.
Whole hibiscus flower that produces a beautiful crimson colored liquor rich in Vitamin C.

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