Saga Steakhouse & Sushi Bar Menu Prices

Contemporary local chain serving hibachi-style meals along with a lively sushi bar.   4.2 – 843 reviews  $$ • Asian restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Main Menu Soups Miso SoupSoybean paste with Tofu, Scallions and Seaweed $2.00 Clear SoupOnion and Mushroom $2.00 Gyoza SoupVegetable and Gyoza $4.00 Seafood SoupAssorted Seafood and Vegetable $6.00 Seafood Miso SoupSeafood, Tofu, Scallions … Read more

Wild Ginger Great Neck Menu Prices

Pan-Asian eatery offering Chinese, Southeast Asian & fusion dishes in an atmospheric space.   4.1 – 294 reviews  $$ • Asian restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Wild Ginger menu Lunch – Lunch Special – Entree Wok Glazed Ginger $14.00 Thai Coconut CurryHot. $14.00 SambalHot. Indonesian shrimp paste. $14.00 Mild Mango SauceHot. $14.00 Ginger Black Bean $14.00 Szechuan Pepper … Read more

Pacific Spice Restaurant Menu Prices

  4.1 – 231 reviews  $$ • Asian restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Pacific Spice Restaurant menu Lunch – Lunch Special – Chinese Cuisine Cashew Chicken $10.93 Moo Goo Gai PanStir fried chicken and vegetable dish. $10.93 Kung Pao ChickenHot and spicy. $10.93 Sweet & Sour Chicken $10.93 Fresh Broccoli Chicken $10.93 Crispy Honey Chicken $10.93 Hunan Sautéed … Read more

Herb & Spice Thai Cuisine Menu Prices

Mainstay for classic Thai cuisine such as noodle & rice dishes in a warm, comfortable dining room.   4.3 – 209 reviews  $ • Asian restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Menu – Appetizers Spring Roll (5 Pcs)Crispy vegetable egg rolls. Served with sweet and sour sauce. $8.00 Fried Tofu (Small 16 Pcs)Golden brown fried tofu. Dipped with ground … Read more

Pa Chan’s Asian Kitchen Menu Prices

  4.8 – 66 reviews   • Asian restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Appetizer Egg Roll1,freshly made with shredded cabbage, carrots, onions, glass noodles, eggs and ground pork hand wrapped in rice paper, deep-fried to perfection and served with sweet chilli sauce. $1.00 Crab Rangoon1, fried wontons stuffed with crabmeat, cream cheese, and scallions served with homemade sweet … Read more

Mulan Asian Cuisine Menu

Sleek haunt with a covered patio & a broad menu including Chinese stir-fries, kebabs & sushi.   4.2 – 959 reviews  $$ • Asian restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Bubbly Cocktails Pom-SettiaSparkling cocktail featuring la pinta-clase azul pomegranate liqueur and mirabello prosecco Passion MimosaChinola-passion fruit liqueur and mirabello prosecco Full Cocktails 1800 MargaritaJose cuervo 1800 tequila, triple see, … Read more

Riso Noodle House Menu Prices

Unpretentious kitchen featuring Thai noodle soups, stir fries & familiar Chinese entrees.   4.3 – 455 reviews  $ • Asian restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Riso Noodle House menu Lunch Menu Time 11 am – 4 pm | Dinner Menu Time 4 pm – closing – Appetizers 3 Pieces LumpiaFried beef or veggie spring rolls with vegetable. $5.02 … Read more

Table 570 Asian Fusion Menu

Restaurant serving familiar Chinese dishes plus some traditional Thai specialties.   4.5 – 339 reviews  $$ • Asian restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Items Bbq Pork Bao Buns White Tuna Tataki Crunchy Crab & Wonton Cracker Crunchy Sweet Potato Crab Salad Spicy Salmon Sushi Sandwich Coconut Cream Cheesecake Candied Ginger Crème Brûlée Pear & Pineapple Crisp Chocolate And … Read more

Kamrai Thai&Sushi House Menu Prices

Sushi rolls & classic Thai entrees are the headliners at this quaint restaurant with a mellow vibe.   4.6 – 384 reviews  $$ • Asian restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Small Rolls, Special Rolls, Special Rolls, Special Rolls, Special Rolls Avocado Roll $5.00 Cucumber Roll $5.00 Shrimp Roll $6.00 Salmon Roll $7.00 Tuna Roll $7.00 Yellowtail $7.00 Philly … Read more