Arthur Mac’s Tap and Snack Menu Prices

A dynamic beer garden with fire pits serving pizza, wings & draft pints from a shipping container.   4.5 – 684 reviews  $$ • Pizza restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Brick Oven Pizza Cheese PizzaClassic cheese or create your own pizza. $18.00 Pepperoni PizzaPepperoni Pizza $22.00 Margherita PizzaButtermilk, basil, balsamic, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, tomatoes. $22.00 Pesto 2.0 PizzaFresh … Read more

Super Super Pho Menu Prices

  4.5 – 382 reviews  $ • Vietnamese restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Menu Appetizers Fried EggrollCha gio. $4.95 Fried Chicken WingsCanh ga chien. $5.95 Vegetable and Tofu Chicken and Seafood Seafood Rice Noodle Shrimps, Calamari, Fish Ball $9.95 Tofu Vegetable Broccoli, CabbagePho chay tofu. $9.50 Rice Plate B.B.Q Chicken and RiceCom ga nuong. $9.50 B.B.Q Pork and … Read more

Konarq Menu Prices

  4.4 – 12 reviews   • Indian restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Konarq Cuisine of India menu All Day – Appetizers Samosa (2)Vegan, vegetarian. $5.00 Samosa ChatMild spicy, vegetarian. Contains dairy product. $9.50 Mixed Vegetable PakorasVegan, gluten free, vegetarian. $8.00 Paneer PakorasGluten free, vegetarian. Contains dairy product. $8.00 Chicken Wrap $11.50 Paneer WrapVegetarian. Contains dairy product. $11.50 … Read more

Nabolom Bakery – Pizzeria. Menu Prices

Worker-owned eatery specializing in housemade baked goods, light lunch fare & espresso drinks.   4.7 – 266 reviews  $ • Pizza restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Items Croissant(Classic or whole wheat) $3.25 Chocolate Croissant $3.75 Almond Croissant $3.75 Chocolate Almond Croissant $4.25 Cinnamon Twist $3.75 Morning Bun $3.75 Cheese Danish(Plain or w/ fruit) $4.75 Savory Twist $3.75 Savory … Read more

Little Plearn Thai Kitchen Menu Prices

Quaint Thai restaurant with a traditional vibe offering familiar curries & other classic dishes. History Established in 1982 Plearn has been a name in Berkeley for over 30 years! She opened an authentic Thai restaurant on University Ave. in 1982. After retirement, she has left her mark on many customers and mentored many in those … Read more

Emilia’s Pizzeria Menu Prices

Unassuming cash-only pizza joint offers NYC-style pies in a tiny space, with time slots for pickup.   4.7 – 99 reviews  $ • Pizza restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Immutable Pizzas Standard PizzaCrust, tomato sauce, cheese, and basil. $20.14 Gina Calabrese PizzaGina Calabrese Pizza $26.45 O.G PizzaO.G Pizza $24.71 Hoboken PizzaHoboken Pizza $26.54 Veggie PizzaVeggie Pizza $25.63 Ooh … Read more

KUSAKABE Menu Prices

This high-end sushi spot offers a light-soaked, Zen-like space for sushi, sake, wine & beer.   4.8 – 530 reviews  $$$$ • Japanese restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Food Kaisen Premium Futomaki Roll (5Pc Cut)Traditional Maki roll with three kinds of caviar (Uni, Ikura, Umami Tobiko), shrimp, crab, BBQ eel, Jidori egg omelet, braised Kanpyo squash and Japanese … Read more

Ly’s Vietnamese Cuisine Menu Prices

Cute Vietnamese eatery serving simple, modern takes on pho, noodle dishes, waffle desserts & more.   4.5 – 324 reviews  $ • Vietnamese restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Menu – Appetizers Fresh Shrimp RollsSoft rice paper rolls with poached shrimp, lettuce, mint, bean sprout, and vermicelli served with peanut sauce. $10.00 Fresh Grilled Pork RollsSoft rice paper rolls … Read more

Niku Steakhouse Menu Prices

Japanese-American menu of house-cut wagyu & local sides by the Omakase Group (Omakase, Udon Time). Niku Steakhouse is a Michelin One star awarded modern American steakhouse with Japanese influence. Chef Dustin Falcon’s seasonal menu features a wide array of specialty items. These items include Japanese Wagyu and true Kobe beef from the Hyōgo Prefecture sourced … Read more