Mandalay Restaurant & Cafe Menu Prices

Simple, family-run eatery serves spicy Burmese menu with vegetarian & vegan options, plus full bar.   4.7 – 781 reviews  $$ • Burmese restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Daily Specialties OhnHta Min Hin ( Only On Thursday)Coconut rice with chicken curry $22.99 Specialties 1. Beef HnutBeef chunks simmered in an onion base curry sauce $24.99 3. Pork Ribs … Read more

Inlay Burmese Kitchen Menu Prices

  4.7 – 211 reviews   • Burmese restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Inlay Burmese Kitchen menu All Day – Appetizers Burmese Samosa (Five Pieces)A triangular hand wrapped and filled with potato, onion, mint leaf, green beans, spices, and garlic chili sauce. $9.99 Baya KyawBurmese yellow split pea fritter, sweet onion, garlic, ginger, and mint leaf. Topped with … Read more

Mandalay Restaurant & Bar (Authentic Burmese & Thai Cuisine) Menu Prices

  4.3 – 320 reviews  $$ • Burmese restaurant Photo Gallery Menu mandalay restaurant and bar menu mandalay restaurant and bar – B &salad Mango Salad $10.99 Glass Noodle Salad $13.99 Tea Leaf Salad $10.99 Seafood Papaya Salad $15.99 Eastern Thailand Beef Salad $16.99 Papaya Salad $10.99 Ginger Salad $10.99 Noodle Salad $13.99 mandalay restaurant and bar … Read more

Rangoon Ruby Burmese Cuisine Menu Prices

Relaxed Burmese restaurant with contemporary decor, a trendy bar & exotic tiki cocktails. With accomplished chefs proficient in all of the specialties that make Asian-Burmese cuisine sought after by food aficionados, Rangoon Ruby is fast striking a chord with diners looking for a fresh, modern approach to one of Asia’s most popular cuisines. Influenced by … Read more

Aung MayLiKa Menu Prices

Casual eatery with pared-down interiors dishing up hearty plates of comforting Burmese dishes.   4.6 – 273 reviews  $$ • Burmese restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Aung Maylika menu All Day – Non-Alcoholic Beverages Burmese Milk Tea $5.00 Mango Lassi $5.00 Honey Mint Soda $5.00 Cucumber Minted Lemonade $4.50 Fresh Young Coconut $6.00 Ginger FizzFresh Mint, Lemongrass Ginger … Read more

Top Burmese Bistro Royale Menu Prices

Traditional Burmese dishes & vegan options provided by robot servers in a bohemian atmosphere. Vegan-friendly Southeast Asian restaurant. Family-owned, serving authentic savory dishes of Myanmar (Burma). Home of the exotic salads such as Fermented Tea Leaf Salad, Seasoned Ginger Salad, Samosas, Khao Soi and Coconut Rice signature curries. Dine-in, Takeout, Delivery or Catering. Find us … Read more

Burma Garden Restaurant (Mandalay) Menu Prices

Snug, comfy eatery with a patio cooking traditional Burmese specialties, plus other Asian dishes.   4.7 – 181 reviews  $$ • Burmese restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Menu – Appetizers A1. Fried Chicken Egg Roll (4 Pc)Tofu, cabbage, carrot, soy sauce, oyster sauce, garlic and black pepper. $7.99 A2. Grilled Chicken SataySpice marinated and grilled chicken, served with … Read more

Yamo Menu Prices

Hole-in-the-wall, cash-only Burmese restaurant for quick, cheap meals served from an open kitchen.   4.4 – 608 reviews  $ • Burmese restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Main Menu Appetizers Samusaswraps filled with fried curry spices and potatoes $4.25 Spring Rollsspring rolls filled with basil, shrimp. vermicelli noodles, and lettuce. Vegetarian Style With Tofu Instead Of Shrimp $4.25 Egg … Read more

Royal Myanmar Restaurant Menu Prices

  4.6 – 187 reviews  $ • Burmese restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Royal Myanmar Appetizers A1. Fresh Spring Roll $8.39 A2. Crispy Spring Roll $7.80 A3. Chicken Satay $7.19 A4. Royal Myanmar Crispy Tofu $7.19 A5. Samosa $7.19 A6. Squash Fritter $7.19 A7. Royal Myanmar Combination Sampler $11.99 Sushi Appetizers 1. Calamari Salad $5.99 2. Seaweed Salad … Read more

Burma Cafe Menu Prices

Welcoming spot serves Burmese delicacies, including tea-leaf salad & samusa soup, in a smart space.   4.4 – 291 reviews  $$ • Burmese restaurant Photo Gallery Menu Menu Appetizers Fried ChayoteSweet chayote (gourd) with dipping sauce. $11.00 Burmese SamosasHand wrapped curry puff filled with potatoes and onion served with our house special sauce. $14.00 Salads Grape Leaf … Read more